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The location of the rural houses Agapito´s, allows him to live remote of the masses but without being far from the leisure places.

The lovers of the beach and the nautical sports can carry out them in La Manga del Mar Menor, idyllic place that can be carried out any nautical sport during the whole year thanks to their characteristics, Los Alcazares, Santiago of the Rivera, San Javier,Cabo de Palos among other populations offers to the vacationer their you magnify beaches where to be able to take a bath and the terraces of the bars and restaurants where to be able to eat the Mediterranean gastronomy so appreciated in the entire world or to enjoy a soda or an ice cream very near the sea.


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For those people that they don't like the places with very people or they want to be given a beach rest, they can visit in the surroundings the one it pierces of an old mine, The Union, whwre takes place the annual competition of  sings typical spanish, their places full remains of chimneys of vents of the old exploitation, earth mountains extracted next to the mineral make of this place something similar to a lunar landscape.

The lovers of the golf can practice this sport in the suburbs two golf fields they exist, one in the same Torre Pacheco and the other one in Cabo of Palos. 

In the suburb de  Agapito's in Torre Pacheco can visit one another the old mills that in the past used to mill the grain and to take out water of the wells, in the suburbs they exist more than 100 of this old works of art, many of them in active.

Another visit place forced in the Hill of but Doves archaeological location where at the present time remains of the paleolithic one are still extracting

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